Teaching Method & Residential Requirement

We prepare our students with the needed skills sought by today’s society. We emphasize to think differently and act effectively. We consider our students as our partners and we work together to promote peace in the society.

The course time is divided into modules. The students are expected to attend the contact classes as per the requirement. One month of residential period is divided into (dropped) blocks. We encourage students to stay on campus during these days. Audio-video method is followed. Class participation is highly appreciated. Students are encouraged to participate in role plays and Mediation skills are taught. They are expected to complete the required modules during their stay on campus.Post Graduate Diploma Certificate will be awarded on completion of 8 courses and other requirements. At the end, the trainee is expected to write the Vision Statement


P. G. Diploma in Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution Studies

The main programme of the CPCRS since 2011 onwards is offering P.G. Diploma in Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution Studies to the Pastors and other professionals.

This program began to offer in collaboration with the faculty of MBCBC and FPU. The courses are designed to equip students with peacemaking skills grounded with Biblical principles, and focused on practical approach. The program also encourages interactions, creativity, productivity and innovation. The duration of the course is one year. So far it has trained more than 30 graduates. The graduates were Scientists, Lawyers, Pastors, Teachers, Navy officer, and Degree college Lectures, Etc. 


 Qualification & Admission

B.D. or any above Graduation. Interested persons have to write 3 pages write up on statement of intent and personal interview with the Director of CPCRS.

Language : English

Curses offered between July - April of each year.

Course  Requirement: Total 8 courses have to be completed: 7 subjects and 1 project.



 Subject Code & Names of the Courses

CPCRS 041 :Understanding Conflict      

CPCRS 022 : Biblical Understanding of Peace, Justice and Overcoming Violence     

CPCRS 061: Mediation Skills & Methodology

CPCRS 021: Biblical Theology of Peacemaking

CPCRS 053: Conflicts and efforts of Peacebuilding – 1 st Century onwards (from the 1st Century to the Present)

CPCRS 032: Reformers and Peace: Anabaptists Theology of Peace

CPCRS 051: Historical Personalities of Peace & Non-Violence

CPCRS 081: Project - 1 Conflict case has to be resolved using Mediation skills as part of the course requirement and it is compulsory. This serves as 8th subject.