1. General Requirements

MBCBC is affiliated to the Senate of Serampore College, so in order to secure a B. D Degree, a student has to complete all courses and requirements expected by the Serampore University. A student has to complete 52 (22 Half or 2 credits and 30 Full or 4 credits) courses including thesis or project work in order to receive Serampore Convocation. Further, to secure College Diploma and the Graduation, a student is expected to complete College prescribed additional papers like Scripture Knowledge, Peace education, Etc. All the Senate affiliated colleges will uniformly follow semester system during the academic year. The academic year is generally scheduled for 40 weeks, divided into 2 semesters approximately. 20 weeks in each semester. Senate stipulates that each course should be of 50 hour duration; one clock hour is considered to be the duration of class. Maximum study load of a student is 12 courses in a year apart from the Library, Worship and Practical work.


2. Fee & Scholarship

Fee structure for a Single student, including room and board approximately Rs 39,000. And for married students, approximately Rs 55,000.

MB Conference with some support of Mission Board, our Churches and individuals, would provide matching scholarships to some students who deserve and those who are in need. Requires students have to apply to the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee decides on these grants. But all those who receive scholarships have to work at least four hours in week apart from Saturday’s Field Education work.