Student Fellowship

The College Administration selects a group of able and gifted students and forms a Committee to lead the student body. The purpose of the Student Fellowship is to encourage students to exercise their God given gifts of preaching and leadership. The Fellowship normally meets on every Monday for a time of worship. Occasionally they will also have activities like debates and competitions to help the students articulate their ideas. Worship leading and preaching opportunities in the Fellowship enhances their confidence to enter into future ministry. The Student Fellowship is run under the guidance of a Faculty Advisor. The Fellowship is not to function as a Union but only to cultivate the leadership qualities of students. Grievances, if any, can be communicated to the Administration through their Faculty Advisor.

MBCBC has good hostel facilities for both boys and girls. Both hostels have spacious rooms. The boys hostels can accommodate nearly 60 students and the girls hostel 15 - 20 students

Apart from single men’s and women’s hostel, there are 26 family quarters available for married students. Quarters will be provided to the students on the recommendation of the College Administrative Committee which consists of all the Deans of the Students.



1. Practical Ministry

Practical Ministry is another important requirement for completing our theological degrees. Practical work is divided further as,  

Weekend Practical Work

During the semester students are expected to be involved in weekend ministry in nearby churches as arranged by the Practical Ministry Department. This is to facilitate students exposed to ministry on site and gain insights from experiences so that one’s study is most relevant. At the end of an academic year students are required to submit their reports individually and see that the supervisor / pastor of the work sends his reports

Integrated Practical Work

Integrated practical work is an important component of the practical ministry program. This is to help the student gras our appreciation for the environment, and express our gratitude and wonder at God’s creation, and to stay close to nature. On every Saturday morning each student is obligated to do different work assignments for three hours. The works allotted to them include Parma culture (care for the earth), campus clean up, cleaning administrative buildings, classrooms, library, chapel, overhead water tanks, dusting and arranging library books, and attending to repairs involving skill in electrical and plumbing works. This work is to facilitate the MBCBC community as it relates to nature, developing collective work ethic, and promoting the idea of dignity of labor. In short, the College wishes to develop a perspective of Christian ministry that is down to earth and people oriented.

2. Sports

Along with spiritual and academic exercises, sports and games are also important. Therefore three days in a week are set apart for the sports and games. The entire community is divided into four groups. All the community is expected to take part in games as arranged by sports committee, as part of physical exercise.

Fellowship of Christian Athletics (FCA) would arrange separate couches for boys and girls in various fields like Volley ball, Basket Ball, Ko Ko. College is also focusing to develop good Sports Grounds like Basket Ball etc.

3. Eco-Family

Besides Senate recommended concurrent and intensive practical work, MBCBC expects all students to participate in the “Field Education” of MBCBC on Fridays/Saturdays. Field Education/ Integrated practical work is an important component of MBCBC training program from its inception.  This is to help the student to appreciate the environment, express our gratitude to God for his creation and stay close to the nature by caring the earth. Therefore, on every Saturday morning each student is obliged to do different work assignment for three hours, i.e.; 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. This work is to facilitate MBCBC community to relate with the nature, developing collective work ethic, and promoting the idea of dignity of labor. In short, the College wishes to develop a perspective of Christian ministry that is down to earth and people oriented.   

4. Spiritual Life

The MBCBC gives first place to God without any compromise. In a Bible College it is possible to neglect personal devotion with God due to academic pressures. Therefore, the residential period is designed in a way where students can focus on their spiritual development. One of the regular practices is attending chapel service. All the students have to be punctual for the Chapel services, attending all officially organized prayer meetings and Sunday Church worships for their spiritual and ministerial formation. And other spiritual activities are,

Bible College Sunday

Every year MBCBC celebrates the second Sunday of Septemberr as Bible Sunday. Faculty, staff, and students visit different congregations for the promotion of the College. 

Chapel Worship

Day begins in MBCBC with morning chapel worship at 8:30 a.m. All students and faculty and staff are expected to attend chapel. On Wednesday, Tutorial Group gathers in their respective places for a time of worship and fellowship  at 10:30 a.m.

Spiritual Life Emphasis Week

The first week in the month of July is observed as “Spiritual Life Emphasis Week.” A special worship service is arranged during the regular chapel time. The message focus is on enriching the spiritual life of the College Community. A special program such as a film show is arranged for the campus community after 8:00 p.m.

Day of Prayer

The Day of Prayer is an important spiritual activity. It is observed three times a year, once a term. It is a day set apart for prayer and meditation. There is a special message emphasizing the role of prayer, and most of the time is spent in prayer, remembering college needs, and national and international concerns.

Mission Day

The second Wednesday in January is celebrated as Mission’s Day. Special chapel services are conducted with an emphasis on “Mission.” At 2:00 p.m. a seminar on the theme of missions is arranged and a competent scholar in the field of missions is invited to present a paper. Some experienced missionaries are invited to share their experiences with the community, which helps to inspire the community towards mission work.