This is a two year external course offered under the Senate of Serampore College. Candidates with 10+2 years of study are eligible to apply for this course. The aim of the college is to equip members of the Church with the knowledge of the Word of God to serve the Church in a better way. Since this is a distance education program, it suits well with working men and women. More details about courses, content and fee structure can be obtained from the Registrar. Classes are conducted on second Friday and Saturday of every month. And apart from MBCBC campus at Shamshabad, we also have an extended center at Yamignur, Karnool District, Andhra Pradesh. 

1. A candidate at the time of admission to the B.D. Degree course must satisfy one of the following conditions. He/she should be:

1.1. A holder of bachelor degree from a recognized Indian university, or its recognized equivalent degree(he/she would be admitted into the second year of the degree programme)

1.2. A holder of the B.Th degree of the senate of Serampore college having passed the two qualifying English papers

1.3. Category –I: B.Th degree holders in the first or second class would be admitted to the fourth year of the degree programme.

1.4. Category-II: B.Th Degree holders in the third class would be admitted into the third year of the degree programme.

1.5. A candidate who has passed PU or 10+ two examination and is qualified to be admitted to a degree course of any Indian university, shall be admitted to the first year of the  degree programme

1.6. A mature person who is at least 25years of age and passed the “mature candidate entrance examination” of the senate she/he should have passed HSLC, and is prevented by some special reason form perusing his/her secular studies, and able to produce evidence to that effect. She/he should have been in full time vocation/profession/employment for two years. ( the mature candidate entrance examination will be conducted by the senate. The candidates may write to registrar for details). Such candidates will be admitted to the second year of the degree programme.

College, however, can insist on additional requirements in terms of length of study, courses, practical training etc, within the stipulated limits.

2. Entrance test

2.1 Colleges conduct an entrance test, for the admission of candidates, in the areas of language (regional or English), scripture knowledge and general knowledge as well as an interview before granting admission.

2.2. Colleges will conduct courses in remedial English for those who are weak in it.

Diploma in Christian Studies 


 Bachelor of Divinity