Greetings to Everyone!

I take immense pleasure to write on website of Mennonite Brethren Centenary Bible College, fondly known as MBCBC, Shamshabad. The website promises to be user friendly and very fulfilling in all its aspects. I am sure the viewers will enjoy and be connected to our College through the web.

It has been ninety six years since our theological journey began; we had a huge and serene  campus, good infrastructure and having facilities like Wi-Fi for the last five years etc, but we were not connected through our own web site. Today, we feel very happy as the institution is gearing up to become one of the finest Theological Colleges in the country, in giving theological education in unique way. So it is very appropriate time to launch our website. Our students who are drawn from different states of India and different denominational background add rich culture to the life of the College. Our 4th year students engage their practical ministry among the socially oppressed and marginalized communities. Final year students are cultivating gardens, kitchen gardens and bringing more awareness of growing trees, as they learn green theology. We have well established Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies (CPCRS) with the International Standards. The CPCRS of MBCBC promoting peace education. It is training people from different professions in the area of Peace and mediation skills through its’ P.G. Diploma. The graduates of CPCRS who have come from different professions such as Lawyers, Scientists, Professors, teachers, etc., are considering forming as an NGO to strive for peace and reconciliation in the society. CPCRS is doing fantastic services in educating the children who are denied education as a result of poverty and other social oppressions. CPCRS has spent about one lakh thirty thousand rupees in the last two months for this cause. MCC and MCSFI are supporting these projects. ICOMB has come forward this year to support some needy students.  This year onwards we are focusing more on preparing our students for the ‘missions in Africa and other neighboring countries’ with the watch-ward ‘mission is possible’, thus our students are receive theological education in Anabaptist-Mennonite atmosphere.

Success has always depends on the good team work and goodwill of the Conference leadership. I am lucky to have good team of well qualified and hardworking faculty and staff. I am happy with our Conference President Rev. Dr. Arnold’s support and encouragement in every endeavor of ours. We have been blessed by the goodwill of several friends of MBCBC, M.B. Missions international, and our Churches. We have also a good team of visiting faculty. Mr. Vijaya Kumar Kodali (M.Th in Old Testament) joined into our Faculty this year. He is a multitalented person with a good academic record. His joining strengthened the Biblical Department.

Addition of the new finest Heibert Memorial Academic Center is our pride. The Library is computerized and connected to the internet access for the students’ best use. This year we are further focusing in developing our Library. Dr. Doug Heiderbt is coordinating this project with his professional collaborations with national and international connections.It is our dream and our every effort is focused to take our theological education to higher in introducing as many courses as possible. We are also hopeful to start M.Th. programme and make our campus a hub of International Center for Mennonites around the globe. I am confident that with the support of efficient and dedicated team of faculty and staff, we will continue to lay strong theological foundations in “Journeying with Christ” that would bring national and international recognitions. 

Principal's Desk

Rev. Dr. I.P. Asheervadam, Principal of MBCBC